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Diversify Your Portfolio with Exchange Traded Funds

If you are an individual investor with mutual funds and stocks, you may want to consider beefing up your portfolio with exchange traded funds (ETFs). Like mutual funds, they provide the investor with ready access to various stocks and bonds; they are also a cost-effective way to diversify your portfolio with passive-managed assets. Unlike mutual […]

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Exchange Traded Funds: Evolving Safe Haven for Private Investors

It would be an understatement to say that there has been a great deal of uncertainty on Wall Street lately. High stock volatility and the failure of the economy to bounce back as quickly as hoped has left many private investors looking for safe asset classes. For many, exchange traded funds (ETFs) provide an island […]

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Interesting Facts About ETFs

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) seem to be in their ascendancy. Investment interest—along with their assets—is shifting from ordinary mutual funds to their exchange-traded alternatives. Despite the fact that they can buy and sell mutual funds without the help of a broker, many investors are choosing to go the ETF route.  ETFs can be purchased at […]


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